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Cox’s Bazar Tour Guide | Location, Map, Hotel, Food, Weather etc.

The beach in Cox’s Bazar is the main attraction of the town with a whole length of 150km, 90 miles also termed the “longest natural unbroken sea beach” in the world. There are several three-star and five-star hotels that present the exclusive beachside area with accessories for the tourist. Visitors of the other hotels visit Laboni beach which is the area of the beach closest to the town. Other than the beach there are more interesting places near the town which can easily be visited from the town center. Such as Himchari National Park, Ramu, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Radiant Fish world, Teknaf Marine Drive.

The economic activity in Cox’s Bazar mainly depends on tourism. A number of hotel guest houses have been built in the city and coastal region, and many people are involved in the service industry. Oysters, snail, pearls and their ornaments are very popular with tourists and people are involved in the transportation for tourists. Cox’s Bazar is one of the key spots for aquaculture in Bangladesh. It is calculated as the main source of revenue from tourist exchanges.

Location And Map of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar may be a city, traveling spot, fishing port, and district headquarters in southeastern Bangladesh. It is famous for its local natural sandy beach. It is located 150km (93mi) south of the city of Chittagong (Chattogram). For Bangladeshis, it does not get much better than Cox’s Bazar. The tourist city Cox’s Bazar was also known by the name of Panowa, which means “Yellow Flower”.

The modern Cox’s Bazar received its name from Captain Hiram Cox, a manager of the British East India Company, a superintendent of the Palongkee outpost. The city coating an area of 23.4 km2 (9.0 sq mi) with 27 mahallas and 9 wards and as of 2011 had a population of 265,500. Cox’s Bazar is attached by air and road with Chittagong(Chattogram). Cox’s Bazar city has an area of 6.85 km2 (2.64 sq mi), and it’s restricted by the Bakkhali River on the north and east, the Bay of Bengal in the West, and Jhilwanj Union in the south.

Cox’s Bazar Map:

Best Time to Visit in Cox’s Bazar:

The best time to visit Coxs Bazar is November 19th to March. The average temperatures in Cox’s Bazar vary somewhat. Regard humidity, temperatures feel hot for most of the year with a low chance of precipitation most of the year. There are is less temperate than some in the 30th percentile for comfortable weather likened to tourist destinations worldwide. If you looking for a very heated time to visit Coxs Bazar, the thermal month are May, April, and then June. The warmest time of the year is generally early to mid-May where highs are regularly around 34.1°C and at night it’s dropping below 26.3°C.

Cox’s Bazar Weather in January to March:

The air is slightly humid with average humidity being 67% and the average temperature is 73°F. The weather is perfectly balmy making it a great time to visit Cox’s Bazar. The maximum temperature recorded in this period is 95°F. An ideal season to visit Cox’s Bazar. The average precipitation in this time is 7.13 mm.

From April to June:

An excellent season to visit Cox’s Bazar, the average temperature falls around 85°F. The weather is great for outdoors, the air being tolerably humid. This is most likely one of the best tourist high season to visit Cox’s Bazar. The average precipitation around this time is 211.17 mm.

From July To September:

From July to September a delightful time to be in Cox’s Bazar. The temperature lies within the range of 73°F and 91°F. The average temperature is 82°F. Although the weather is humid. It is not hot sufficient to make you not like it outdoors. Considering everything a good time to visit here. The average precipitation around this time is 568.66 mm.

From October to November:

At this time the highest temperature recorded is 91°F, but the moderate humidity of 81% makes this an excellent time to visit Cox’s Bazar. The average precipitation around this time 68.18 mm.

In December:

The average humidity of 72%. Temperatures impact between 54°F to 86°F. This may cause a little discomfort. this weather is perfect to go sightseeing around the city of Cox’s Bazar. This period notices average precipitation of 7.58 mm.

How to Go Cox’s Bazar:

By Air:

Inside Flights in Bangladesh are conducted by Biman Bangladesh Airlines ( and UBD ( You need to pick up air tickets to go to the Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. Constant flights are run between Dhaka and several other towns. Which costs $50-430$ and takes 3hr. These are cheap, most of the routers are served at least two or three times a week. Domestic Airports include Barisal, Chittagong (Chattogram), Cox’s Bazar, Saidpur, Rajshahi, and Sylhet.

By Road:

The Cheapest Way to get Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is by bus which costs $30 to $34 and takes 11hr 40m.

Best Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar Beach:

Inani Beach:

Marine Drive:


Radiant Fish World:

Mermaid Beach Resort:

Sonadia Island:

Laboni Beach:


Funfest Beach:

Darianagar Caves:



Where to Stay in Cox’s Bazar:

When you come to travel visit in Cox’s Bazar, You need to stay here for one or two days or more days, right? So let’s go to check out some categories of hotels.

 Hotels of Cox Bazar
Hotels of Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach Bangladesh

Best 10 Luxurious Hotels Near Cox’s Bazar:

1. Long Beach Hotel:

2. Grace Cox Smart Hotel:

3. Hotel Prime Park:

4. Hotel Exotica sampan:

5. Windy Terrace Boutique Hotel:

6Hotel Sea Crown:

7. Hotel Elaf International:

8. Beach Way Hotel:

9. Hotel Silver Bay:

10. Best western Heritage Hotel:

Top 10 Hotels Under your Budget Near Cox’s Bazar:

1. Sayeman Beach Resort:

2. Laguna Beach Hotel And Resort:

3. Hotel Water Orchid:

4. Sea Welcome Resort:

5. Hotel Sea Alif:

6. Hotel shams Plaza:

7. Prasad Paradise:

8. Hotel Sea Cox:

9. Seagull Hotels Ltd:

10. Well Park Resort:

What to Eat in Cox’s Bazar:

Best Traditional Food Like Fish, Beef, Rice, Daal, Loitta Fry, Mixed Vegetable, Chicken Curry, Hilsha Fish, Rohu Fish Curry, Koral Fish Curry, Shrimp Curry, and most special Biriani, etc. The test of the traditional foods is just Fantastic and Awesome. When you eat it you can feel the original taste of the foods. The main thing about Bangladeshi traditional foods is it’s very Spicy.

Seafood of Cox’s Bazar:

Also, you can also find here special Seafood, like Butterfly cut Grilled King prawn, Lime Prawn, Calamari Rings, Grilled Lobster, Baked Lobster, Lobster with Pasta, Grilled Red Snapper, Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Steamed Red snapper, Grilled Pomfret, Baked Pomfret, Cajun Baked Pomfret, Fried Pomfret, Prawn Malai Curry, Stuffed Potato With Prawn, Baked Crab, Crab Cake, Garlic Crab Linguini Pasta, Stuffed Potato With Tuna, Tuna With Pasta, etc.

Cox Bazar Seafood
Seafood of Cox’s Bazar

For Steak Lovers T-Bone Steak, Beef Steak, Pua Steak, Tuna Steak, Vetki Steak, and so many foods that you want to eat. You can find some extraordinary Restaurants here.

Best 10 Restaurants Near Cox’s Bazar:

1. Poushee Restaurants

2. Koyla Restaurants

3. Jhaubon Restaurants:

4. EFC- A Live Fish Restaurants:

5. Cox’s Bazar Sea Food Restaurant:

6. Salt Bistro And Cafe:

7. Sea Lamp Beach Cafe:

8. Mermaid Cafe

9. Devine Sea Stone Cafe:

10. Handi Restaurants:

Getting Around in Cox’s Bazar:

Cycle Rickshaws Ride In Cox’s Bazar: These Are plentiful, and the ride between the hotel-motel zone on the main road should coat Tk 12, though foreigners will have to fight hard for that price. Tk 15 is fair enough. The most bus depo of Cox’s Bazar is found a couple of kilometers east of the central town area which takes around 15-20 minutes to the middle with a CNG rickshaw.

Get Tips and tricks Before Visiting Cox’s Bazar:

  • Cox’s Bazar is a popular place. So try to avoid environmental pollution.
  • If you want to take pictures then verify the ID card of these beach photographers.
  • Cox’s Bazar is very secluded at night. It’s better not to leave at night. Be careful about stealing and harassment.
  • Don’t Drink alcohol in Cox’s Bazar at Night. If you need to drink alcohol then go to some bar.
  • Be careful before getting to the Sea and definitely know when the tide is high.
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